Now That I’ve Experienced Creating Great UX, I…

Over the last several months, I’ve been working with the IBM Design team. Through that interaction I’ve come to improve and refine my measure of great user experience. The project I was just on had it, and it was so exciting…so unifying. We brainstormed on parts of the experience that would add no functionality other than pure delight. We were very proud of what we did. The “It’s like a dream” user quote will stay with me for quite some time.

But now I look around and there are other projects…I have a pit in my stomach…what will it take to change the culture…change our DNA…to make everything we create outstanding…to make everything we create delightful to our users?

I’m not the best designer. By far. But now that I know what working on a team that strives to deliver a great user experience is like, anything less is just sad.

No, not sad.


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1 thought on “Now That I’ve Experienced Creating Great UX, I…

  1. I feel that way about Quality. Working on System i and z/OS really drilled that into me and I now work with a lot of contractor written code that…doesn’t measure up. Also sad.

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