Welcome to HinterVision.

What is HinterVision? It’s the unique lens though which I engage the technical world.

For me, I’m certain that my love for music, composing, and performing; along with my love for creating things, my faith, travel, family, heritage…all affects my everyday technical world…

…how I design

…how I invent

…how I approach this corporate culture

…how I performing across the world for an audience demonstrating the latest technology

My HinterVision is pretty unique.

And you know what? So is yours! I’m convinced the more we value and utilize HinterVision, the more essential we will become in our work.

I want to share everything I can about the successes and failures I’ve had (and will have) so we can all laugh, learn, discuss, and debate. For me, I care about user experience, inventing, speaking, technology, world travel, and working for a corporation while still having a personal life that is rich, joyful, and rewarding.

I also want to learn everything I can from you and your HinterVision…about what you care about, how you approach your craft, and what makes your HinterVision uniquely yours.

How about it. You game?

1 thought on “About

  1. I got Hintervision? 🙂 Well, I would argue that if I do, it’s probably fulla typos ’cause I would start with my hands offset on the jwviTD (keyboard…shift left, so the ‘a’ is CapsLk). MAYBE… oops. Still locked. Yeah, I’m game, Greg, but my lens would add a few factors, which I know you’d be ok with. Mostly I’m consistently impressed by your expressiveness.

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